About our Hospital

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a hospital that not only serves but contributes to the community. We strive to incorporate the latest and the best of what medical science has to offer while valuing our patients' perspectives first.

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Number of beds 452 beds

This includes 10 beds in the ICU, 50 beds in the Central Japan Medical
Centerfor Prolonged Traumatic Brain Dysfunction, and 42 beds
in the recovery-phase rehabilitation ward.

Broad-range medical capabilities: world-class diagnostics and therapy under one roof. Comprehensive, holistic medicince from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

Team-based Medical Centers
Health Management Center

The center has cutting-edge diagnostic devices that enable safe, speedy and accurate physical examination.
To prevent cancer, heart disease, brain disease, diabetes and other lifestyle-related illness, self-management on the part of the patient and expert diagnosics and guidance on the part of the healthcare provider are essential. The Health Management Center has all of the latest diagnostic technology to enable the fastest, safest and most accurate physical examinations, on par with any hospital in the world.

  • Cardiovascular Medicine Center
  • Diabetes Center
  • Nephrology Center
  • Skin Cancer Center
  • Breast Cancer Treatment
    Breast Reconstruction Center
  • Joint Reconstruction Center
  • Spine Center
  • Pathology Center
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Laboratory Medicine Center
  • Chubu Medical Center

An integrated network providing true holistic care.

  • Social Medical Corporation Koseikai Tajimi Municipal Hospital

    Acute hospital
    [Number of beds: 250]

  • Specified Medical Corporation Seijinkai Nozomi no Oka Hospital

    A designated mental hospital
    [Number of beds: 310]

  • Health Promotion Facility
    Club M

    Health and Sports Facility

  • Social Welfare Corporation Jikeikai

    Assisted living and nursing care homes
    [Number of facilities: 40]

  • Ajisai Nursing College

    School for nurses and care workers