State of the Art Medical Technology

Building the ideal clinical enviroment through cutting-edge medical technology

Versatile diagnostic imaging

320-row CT

Quick wide-range imaging (16 cm wide) Precise enough to capture a single heartbeat

  • Can create a 3D image of the heart in detail in less than a second.
  • Makes hospital admission for catheter testing unnecessary.
  • Instantaneous ultra-precise imaging is invaluable for emergency medicine.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Body tissue imaging for early detection of various diseases

  • There is no exposure to radiation because no X-ray is used.
  • Imaging from every direction is possible.
Cancer detection

PET-CTPositron emission tomography (PET) combined with computed tomography (CT)

Whole body imaging can be obtained in a short time. Even the smallest lesions can be detected at an early stage.

  • Safe, non-invasive and comfortable.
  • A whole-body scan takes only 30 minutes.

ElmammoPET device dedicated for breast imaging

We are the first hospital in the world to introduce the dedicated breast imaging system Elmammo into clinical use. Not only is the Elmammo better at detecting cancer earlier, in greater detail than mammography, it is more comfortable too.

  • No more painful squeezing! Simply lie face down onto the machine..
  • Detectors aligned in a circle provide tomographic images.
  • High-resolution images can be obtained.
Cancer treatment

da VinciRobot for endoscopic surgery

Ultra-precise control of the surgery translates to smaller incisions, less peripheral tissue damage and bleeding, fewer complications, and shorter hospitalization.

  • Fine three-dimensional images of an optimal operative field can be obtained.
  • Robot assisted tools enhance the surgeon's precision.
  • This system puts minimal stress on the body and enables quick return to society.

TomoTherapy™Hi-ART System™

The TomoTherapy system can completely cure various forms of early stage cancer with minimal side effects and no need for chemo or surgery.

  • Accurately targets even tiny tumors with pinpoint precision.
  • Gentle and painless to the patient.